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What is a NoiseCapture Party?

A NoiseCapture Party is an event, organized on a limited territory (a place, a neighborhood, a city, ...) and on a relatively short time (1 day, 1 week, ...), aimed at bringing together a large number of contributors simultaneously in order to feed a participatory noise map, or to test new functionalities of the application.
A NoiseCapture Party should, if possible, be supervised by one or more persons with a level of expertise to pass on good practice in acoustic measurement and in the interpretation of results.

Example with the NoiseCapture party made in Pornichet (France) (video in french)

Who is concerned?

Everybody is welcome to organize such an event. Nevertheless we are mainly focusing the following actors:

  • Collectivities or public institutions, who wants to communicate around noise pollution issues with citizens,
  • Associations, focused on environmental noise assessment,
  • Teaching institutions (school, university, ...), who wish to make children or students aware of noise issues,

How to organize a NoiseCapture Party?

You are free to organize your own party. Nevertheless, if you want to have support from our side, feel free to contact us.

If your project of party catches our attention, we offer you the following elements:

  • A dedicated web map, accessible through a specific permalink,
    • where all the contributions made within your party are displayed,
    • where contributions are identified thanks to a special code that refers to your party, and which can be for example your Twitter hashtag,
    • with some statistics (e.g the number of contributors and mesurements, the total duration, ...).
  • A support in terms of communication, through our website and Twitter account,

In addition, if we are taking part to your party, we can:

  • Come with reference microphones, in order to calibrate attendees smartphones,
  • Helps you to organize the event and gives you support to answer questions (from attendees, press, ...).

Want to know more about the organization of NoiseCapture Party ? Donwload this TUTORIAL.


Below is presented a fictionnal example:

  1. Let's imagine you are organizing a conference called "Noise 2017". Within this conference, you want to organize a NoiseCapture party. Because you already contacted us and we agreed to support your initiative, we commonly decided to use your Twitter account name as a party code (here "NOISE2017"),
  2. After each measure, when the application ask to add descriptions, party attendees enter the dedicated code,
  3. Then, uploaded contributions are visible (in real-time) on a dedicated web map, accessible through a unique adress /map_noisecapture/noisecapture_party.html/.../NOISE2017.

NoiseCapture measures

Conduct of the party

To conduct a party, you can follow the general guidelines (for both organizers and users) presented below, or consult the dedicated TUTORIAL.

Guidelines for organizers

Before the measuring step

  1. Explain to the attendees the aim of your party and give some context words about noise assement.
  2. Define the perimeter of your party, in terms of:
    • spatial extent: show on a map the area you want to cover during the party,
    • temporal extent: explain if the party is for only one day, one week, ...
  3. If possible:
    • Proceed to the smartphones calibration (see this page for more informations),
    • Divide the study area into cells or sub-area,
    • Divide the user group into teams made of pair (or trio),
    • Affect to each team a specific sub-area to cover
  4. If the party is supported by us, give to users the code (hashtag) they have to fill after each measures (this way all contributions will be visible in the dedicated web map),

After the measuring step

  1. If possible, debrief with users,
  2. Show them the map with all their contributions,
  3. Show them where the raw data will be (are) available: https://data.noise-planet.org/.

Guidelines for users

  1. Download and install the NoiseCapture application (see instructions),
  2. If needed, read the informations localized in the menu "Help" of the app,
  3. Calibrate the smartphone (if this possibility is proposed during the event) (see this page for more informations),
  4. Perform noise measurements, following the additional information proposed by the organizers and our measurement guideline.
  5. If provided by organizers, use the dedicated code (hashtag) when describing each measures,
  6. Respect spatial and temporal extent defined by organizers.

What to do in case of problems?

Become an ambassador

You would like to take part in the NoiseCapture initiative in a more important way?
We are looking for ambassadors capable of spreading the word and organizing NoiseCapture parties.
Interested by this concept? Please have a look to this page.

NoiseCapture ambassadors

Present or Former parties

The "NoiseCapture Party" listed below are (or have been) supported by the NoiseCapture team. For each of them, you can access to an interactive dedicated map.

Setmana Sense Soroll


15/04 - 05/05/2019
Catalunya (Spain)

Agglo Bastia

NoiseCapture party

Bastia (France)

Fête de la Science


Nantes (France)

Full list

Name Where When Code Link
Festival Pop'Sciences Lyon (France) 2019/05/17-18 FPSLYO Consult the map
Setmana Sense Soroll Catalunya (Spain) 2019/05/05 SSSOROLL2019 Consult the map
Immersion Sciences 2019 Île Tudy (France) 2019/03/28 IMS2019 Consult the map
L1 géographie et aménagement Nantes (France) 2019/03/12-15 GEO2019 Consult the map
Maison pour la Science en Alsace Strasbourg (France) 2019/01/09-11 MSA Consult the map
Contaminación acústica da Universidade da Coruña A Coruña (Spain) 2019/02-04/24 UDC Consult the map
H2020 Monica - Fête des Lumières Lyon (France) 2018/12/06-08 H2020 Consult the map
L1 géographie et aménagement Nantes (France) 2019/03/12-15 GEO2019 Consult the map
Maison pour la Science en Alsace Strasbourg (France) 2019/01/09-11 MSA Consult the map
Contaminación acústica da Universidade da Coruña A Coruña (Spain) 2019/02-04/24 UDC Consult the map
H2020 Monica - Fête des Lumières Lyon (France) 2018/12/06-08 H2020 Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2018 - Nantes Nantes (France) 2018/10/12-14 FDSNTS Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2018 - Strasbourg Strasbourg (France) 2018/10/12-14 FDSSTRAS Consult the map
Agglo Bastia - NoiseCapture party Bastia (France) 2018/10/05 AGGLOBASTIA Consult the map
NoiseParty - Plougoumelen Plougoumelen (France) 2018/07/18 PNRGM Consult the map
Amsterdam Sounds: noise in the city Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2018/06/20 AMSOUNDS Consult the map
FestNoise - Elven Elven (France) 2018/06/08 PNRGM Consult the map
University of Salerno Salerno (Italy) 2018/05/03 UNISA Consult the map
Universidade da Coruña A Coruña (Spain) 2018/04/17 UDC Consult the map
Immersion Science 2018 Île Tudy (France) 2018/03/28 IMS2018 Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2017 Nantes (France) 2017/10/13-15 FDS2017 Consult the map
ANQES 2017 Paris (France) 2017/11/27-29 ANQES Consult the map
Digital Week Pornichet Pornichet (France) 2017/09/20 SNDIGITALWEEK Consult the map