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What is an Ambassador?

An ambassador is a person who is able to carry the NoiseCapture message within his network (whatever it may be). The ambassador may act on his own behalf or on behalf of an organization, an association or a company.
Below are some rules that more clearly define this role.

Role of the ambassador

NoiseCapture ambassadors

  • Be able to explain our approach / philosophy (at meetings, conferences, etc.).
  • Be a link between the NoiseCapture team and any individuals, associations, communities or companies that may wish to use NoiseCapture or organize a NoiseCapture Party.
  • When possible help users to calibrate their smartphone, during dedicated events.
  • To (co)organize NoiseCapture Parties on your territory.

What does an Ambassador get in return?

  • Personalised help for the use of NoiseCapture and its ecosystem, with access to dedicated documentary resources (protocol, tutorials, etc.).
  • Integration with the test program for NoiseCapture updates.
  • Recognition on our website and through our communication elements (social networks, conferences, articles, etc.)

Become an ambassador

Interested by this concept? You would like to take part in the NoiseCapture initiative in a more important way?
We are looking for ambassadors capable of spreading the word and organizing NoiseCapture parties.

Contact us

NoiseCapture ambassadors

List of our ambassadors

Below are listed (and mapped) our current NoiseCapture ambassadors. Do not hesitate to contact them if you wish to organize a NoiseCapture party (or if you have any questions) on their territory.


Lyon (FR)


Strasbourg (FR)


Salerno (IT)


Firenze (IT)