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Explore noise maps produced within the project. See maps at this page.

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The aim of this website is then to propose new tools, based on scientific researches, for the environmental noise assessment. The Noise-Planet project is led by two French research teams, recognized in their field of expertise, the DECIDE Team (Lab-STICC - CNRS UMR 6285) for GISciences and the Joint Research Unit in Environmental Acoustics (UMRAE) for environmental noise research.


Because Noise-Projet deals with Open Science, they are many ways to contribute to the project: contribute to the source code, report issues, propose new translations, write documentation, contribute to the data collection, give us your feedback... Please contact us at contact@noise-planet.org.

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Some of the data produced in this project are distributed in a open way under the OdBL licenses). See our data section at:

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