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NoiseCapture raw data

This map is feeded in realtime by the raw data collected using the NoiseCapture mobile application. There is no filtering or processing of the data. It shows a noise map that is built using an agregation of all raw data, and allows to explore the noise environment everywhere in the world, from the NoiseCapture users community.

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The "NoiseCapture Party" listed below are supported by the NoiseCapture team. For each of them, you can access to an interactive dedicated map.
To know more about this kind of event, please consult this page.

Fête de la Science - Nantes

Nantes (France)

Fête de la Science - Strasbourg

Strasbourg (France)

Agglo Bastia - NoiseCapture party

Bastia (France)

NoiseParty - Pnr du Golfe du Morbihan

Plougoumelen (France)

Full list

Name Where When Code Link
L1 géographie et aménagement Nantes (France) 2019/03/12-15 GEO2019 Consult the map
Maison pour la Science en Alsace Strasbourg (France) 2019/01/09-11 MSA Consult the map
Contaminación acústica da Universidade da Coruña A Coruña (Spain) 2019/02-04/24 UDC Consult the map
H2020 Monica - Fête des Lumières Lyon (France) 2018/12/06-08 H2020 Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2018 - Nantes Nantes (France) 2018/10/12-14 FDSNTS Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2018 - Strasbourg Strasbourg (France) 2018/10/12-14 FDSSTRAS Consult the map
Agglo Bastia - NoiseCapture party Bastia (France) 2018/10/05 AGGLOBASTIA Consult the map
NoiseParty - Plougoumelen Plougoumelen (France) 2018/07/18 PNRGM Consult the map
Amsterdam Sounds: noise in the city Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2018/06/20 AMSOUNDS Consult the map
FestNoise - Elven Elven (France) 2018/06/08 PNRGM Consult the map
University of Salerno Salerno (Italy) 2018/05/03 UNISA Consult the map
Universidade da Coruña A Coruña (Spain) 2018/04/17 UDC Consult the map
Immersion Science 2018 Île Tudy (France) 2018/03/28 IMS2018 Consult the map
Fête de la Science 2017 Nantes (France) 2017/10/13-15 FDS2017 Consult the map
ANQES 2017 Paris (France) 2017/11/27-29 ANQES Consult the map
Digital Week Pornichet Pornichet (France) 2017/09/20 SNDIGITALWEEK Consult the map