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NoiseModelling (formerly NoiseM@ap) is as a free and open-source tool, integrated in the OrbisGIS software, designed to produce environmental noise maps on very large urban areas, with few computational resources. In addition to the operational aspect (NoiseModelling can be used by professionals), this tool is an excellent support for training, teaching and research.

NoiseModelling project focuses developments on integration of optimized noise calculation methods within a full and simple system dedicating to environmental noise evaluation (data managing, noise exposure calculation, interactive noise maps...).

The future of NoiseModelling is to become a reference tool for a large community (researchers, students, teachers, engineers...) in order to predict, to manage or to study environmental noise.

NoiseModelling in action

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Our wiki pages contain some tutorials which should help you getting started with NoiseModelling.

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Any questions about NoiseModelling ? Feel free to join the mailing list (for users and developers) and to interact with the community.

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You can find documentations and the source code of NoiseModelling on GitHub

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