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NoiseCapture is a free and open-source Android application that allows user to measure and share its noise environnement. Each noise measure is combined with its GPS track so that the result can be displayed in a interactive maps within the application, but also HERE.

NoiseCapture can be used by anyone with experience in the field of noise, allowing to carry out acoustic measurements in a certain respect of the rules of art and then to observe a sufficiently critical look at the results provided.

You can get the NoiseCapture App on the Google Play Store Get it on Google Play.

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NoiseCapture Party

Because this app is based on VGI (Volunteer Geographic Information) concept, we promote "NoiseCapture Party". If you want to organize this kind of event, please consider this protocol.

If you want to help us deploying the community, you can become an NoiseCapture "ambassador". To do so, please contact us.

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If you want to cite NoiseCapture in a scientific paper (or else), please refers to this two articles:

NoiseCapture privacy policy

The current and former privacy policies of NoiseCapture can be found HERE.

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You can find documentations and the source code of NoiseCapture on GitHub

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